Done Rite Chemicals



 Our exclusive line is offered in 4L jugs, 10L, 20L and 205L drums.


Done Rite H.D. Stripper:

A concentrated, non-ammoniated stripper that is highly effective at removing floor finishes and sealers from most types of flooring. Formulated to act quickly and rinse clean without nasty chemical fumes.

Yellow in Color


Done Rite Bathroom Cleaner:

A concentrated, non-abrasive bathroom cleaner designed to remove hard water stains scale, rust stains and algae. This product is formulated without hazardous acids and is safe for use on tubs, tiles, toilets and chrome fixtures. Safe for use in septic tank systems. Product features a minty fresh scent

Blue in color


Done Rite Liquid Enzyme:

A multifunctional liquid enzyme based product for maintenance of grease traps and drain lines in busy kitchens. Ecologically friendly formulation provides faster germination, more complex degradation and improved growth and digestion. Especially effective in degrading sewage wastes, producing actively growing bacterial colonies that function aerobically and anaerobically. Ideal for food plant use.

Blue in color


Done Rite Carpet Shampoo:

A premium stain resitant compatible liquid carpet detergent for use in portable or truck mount equipment. Formulated with controlled foam surfactants, soil suspending agents and rinse aids so it leaves no residue to promote resoiling. Can be used as a traffic lane pre-spray on heavy soil loads or stains before cleaning.

Clear in color




Done Rite Sealer Finish:

High quality, versatile finish suitable for No-buff, spray-buff, and high-speed systems. Non-yellowing, low maintenance formula offers superb black mark and scuff resistance. Fast drying, 20-25 minutes under normal Alberta conditions, and large coverage area of roughly 2500 sq.ft. per 4L jug.

White in color



Done Rite Auto Scrubber Degreaser:

A safe and versatile biodegradable cleaner/degreaser designed to effectively remove oil, grease and road soils from concrete floors. Phosphate free, low foam biodegradable surfactants and anti redepositing agents can be used as low foam pressure wash detergents as well.

Red in color


Done Rite Scrubber Neutral:

Specifically designed for use in automatic floor scrubbers. Specialized low/no foam surfactant blend. Mild PH for maintenance of frequently cleaned, waxed, or tiled floors. Safe for all food use areas.

Lemon Scent – Yellow in color


Done Rite Neutral Detergent:

A versatile, PH neutral concentrate formulated for safe and efficient maintenance of frequently cleaned, waxed or tiled floors. Safe for all food use areas

Lemon Scent – Yellow in color












Done Rite Degreaser: 

An excellent industrial strength cleanerdegreaser, formulated to effectively remove oil, heavy grease and everyday soils from any washable surface. Hard water tolerant, non-flammable and free rinsing.  

 Green in color


Done Rite Glass Concentrate: 

A concentrated window and glass cleaner. A high quality formula for effective and economical removal of dirt and grease from glass surfaces without leaving streaks. Contains no ammonia or butyl, so it is safe to use on computer screens.

Blue in color


Multi-San Disenfectant:

Was designed for hospitals, nursing homes, school, institutional facilities and food processing plants. It kills bacterial, virucidal activity, fungus, mold and sanitize.

Clear in color