X-Coat Nano is different from traditional floor finishes and coatings because it doesn’t use large ammonia complexes in the construction of its polymer matrix. Instead it utilizes our patented Nano-Zinc Technology, a technology previously considered to be impossible. Without the need for ammonia, X-Coat Nano can form strong, dense cross-linking between the polymers. And it does this with extraordinary speed using permanent, irreversible chemical bonds. This means X-Coat Nano has rapid gloss build, is highly resistant to soil and heel marks and will significantly extend your maintenance cycle to saving you time and money.

  • Pro-Brite
  • Professional-grade dri-brite finish for all maintenance systems.
  • High gloss, high performance.
  • Non-yellowing, low maintenance formula offers superb black mark and scuff resistance.
  • For no-buff, spray-buff and high-speed systems.
  • Use on vinyl tile, rubber, linoleum, terrazzo and quarry tile floors.
  • HS Nano
  • Incorporates our patented nano-zinc technology for more thorough and denser cross-linking of finish.
  • Nano-zinc cross-linking provides superior:
    – Lay-down gloss
    - Gloss build
    – Durability
    – Mark resistance
    - Soil resistance
    – Dry and recoat times
  • Ammonia-free for dramatically reduced odor.
  • High Solids formula offers greater protection with fewer coats.
  • Ideal for limited maintenance programs, yet responds to daily burnishing, if desired.
  • Low-emissions formula – meets California’s new 1% VOC Regulation.
  • Coverage – up to 3,000 square feet.
  • Fast-drying – 15-20 minutes under normal conditions
    (50% humidity and 70°F) between coats.
  • Slip-resistant – UL Classified.
  • Sport Coat
  • No sanding or screening
  • Single-component – pour and apply
  • No pot life
  • Adheres to any sound gym floor coating
  • Fast-drying – 60 minutes under normal conditions
  • Play on it the next day
  • Easily restored to like-new gloss
  • Self cross-linking eliminates need for catalysts, gluing or heavy metals
  • MFMA-approved and UL-classified
  • VOC-compliant in all 50 states
  • Finish lasts for 1 year with proper maintenance
  • Citrus Scrub n Shine
  • Removes embedded soil and repairs scuffs, scratches and dull spots while eliminating powdering.
  • 6-ounce dilution designed for use through auto-scrubbers.
  • Eliminates restorer build-up – contains no wax or polymers.
  • Works as a deep scrub cleaner prior to recoating at 8 ounces
    per gallon.
  • Use on all resilient, stone and wood floors that are properly finished.