P5 PorterVac


This lightweight portable vacuum is quiet at 65 decibels and ideal for commercial buildings, schools and healthcare facilities. Includes a 1.7 HP Ametek motor with thermal protection for powerful suction. The four-stage filtration ensures clean air exhaust. Rugged rotational molded construction will withstand years of hard use.

One year limited warranty on parts and labour.


Vispa 35B


The smallest battery-powered scrubbing machine (35cm working width) on the market.  Ideal for maintenance of small-size and congested areas that are hard to clean with traditional scrubbing machines.  The VISPA 35B comes with a Gel Battery, Brush or Pad Holder and built-in battery charger.  Cable-free operation can move easily under tables, clean corners and around obstacles thanks to its handle bar which ensures 180 degree flexibility.   Washes, cleans and dries in one pass. Suitable for cleaning areas up to 1000 square metres.  Easy to operate: fill the solution tank, fit the brush, lower the squeegee and start operating.  One year limited warranty on parts and labour.

Powerful, dry only vacuum with exceptional stability.  Designed for professional cleaning, this stainless steel canister vacuum has a superior, low profile design that makes it extremely maneuverable and easy to use. Comes with on-board tools and power cord storage. Tools: telescopic wand, two-position ergo slide floor tool, dusting tool, upholstery tool and crevice tool.



The SC440 has been completely redesigned to improve quality and performance. offering the same sleek styling and ease-of-use that made it's predecessor, model SC400 a market leader for over twenty years. All the electrical components have been upgraded, the number of fasteners used to assemble the extractor are reduced in half, and a patented method for sealing the brush housing and vacuum shoe against the floor provides solution recovery unmatched by any other single vacuum motor extractor. Use the quick-connect port on the side of the SC440 to attach a floor wand, upholstery or hand tool, and you also have all the benefits of a portable tank extractor included with this smart and efficient design! Made in the U.S.A